XL Energy

Electricity is virtually used every minute of every day, whether you are turning the lights on or running your machinery, you are using electricity. To help you retain the lowest possible price for your electricity we evaluate your historical consumption, usage profile, and review your future electricity requirements.

Based on our evaluation and the risk and reward of the various electricity plans, we offer solutions that are the best for your company.

Fixed Rate Plans

The plan provides certainty and predictability. A fixed price ensures that you pay the same price per kilowatt-hour for the duration of your contract.

Fixed Energy only plans lock in the commodity and all other electricity components such as ancillary, capacity, transmission, etc., are passed through. 

Fixed All Inclusive plans lock in the commodity and all other components such as ancillary, capacity, transmission, etc.

Variable Rate Plans

With variable-rate plans the electric commodity fluctuates hourly depending on marketplace factors. Most of the other components also vary based on the regional transmission organization. 

Block & Index Rate Plans

This plan allows locking in a portion of the energy used while allowing the remaining to be under the variable plan.